Research Outputs by Research Engineer

Daniela De Angeli

Alistair Barber

Simone Barbieri

Andreea Bizdideanu

Path manipulation strategies for rendering dynamic environmentsThesis 2019

Adam Boulton

Padraig Boulton


Jack Brett


Rory Clark

Understanding Hand Interactions and Mid-Air Haptic Responses within Virtual Reality and BeyondThesis 2021

Javier DeHesa

Aaron Demolder

Rahul (Ray) Dey

Era Dorta

Tara Douglas

Tales of the tribes: animation as a tool for indigenous representationThesis 2016

Kwamina Edum-Fotwe

Tayfun Esenkaya

Evolution of the Brain Enables the Acquisition of Artificial Senses – 2017

Multisensory Integration of object sonification and self-motion cues for navigation in darkness – 2017

Daniel Finnegan

Isabel Fitton

Dhana Frerichs

David Gillespie

Oliver Gingrich

Michal Gnacek

Alex Gouvatsos

David Greer

Lisa Haskel

Participatory design and free and open source software in the not for profit sector – the Hublink ProjectThesis 2017

Charlotte Hoare

The Companion Experience: A Thesis from the Study of the Evolving Home Television ExperienceThesis 2018

Jake Hobbs

Richard Jones

Ieva Kazlauskaite

Charalampos (Babis) Koniaris

Real-time Rendering of Complex, Heterogeneous Mesostructure on Deformable SurfacesThesis 2015

Andrew Lawrence

Causal Analysis of the TOPCAT Trial: Spironolactone for Preserved Cardiac Function Heart Failure – 2022

Equality of Effort via Algorithmic Recourse – 2022

Domain Knowledge in A*-Based Causal Discovery – 2022

Using Bayesian Non-Parametrics to Learn Multivariate Dependency Structures – Thesis 2021

Towards Causal Analysis of Genetic Factors for Colorectal Cancer – 2021

Data Generating Process to Evaluate Causal Discovery Techniques for Time Series Data – 2020

DP-GP-LVM: A Bayesian Non-Parametric Model for Learning Multivariate Dependency Structures – 2019

Latent StructureLearning using Gaussian and Dirichlet Processes – 2017


Chris Lewin

Jan Malte Lichtenberg

Iterative Policy-Space Expansion in Reinforcement Learning – 2019 (Poster)

Interative Policy-Space Expansion in Reinforcement Learning – 2019 (Paper)

Regularization in Directable Environment with Application to Tetris – 2019

Zack Lyons

Lindsey Macaulay-Lowe

Tom Matko

Thomas Joseph Matthews

Ifigeneia Mavridou

Lazaros Michailidis

Milto Miltiadou

Valentin Miu

Mark Moseley

Elena Marimon Munoz

Digital radiography: image acquisition and scattering reduction in x-ray imaging – Thesis 2019

Maryam Naghizadeh

Multi-character Motion Retargeting for Large-Scale Transformations – CGI 2019

A model for motivation assessment in intelligent tutoring systems – IKT 2015 and IEEE Explore 2015

Ralph Potter

Programming Models for Heterogeneous Systems with Application to Computer GraphicsThesis 2017

Kyle Reed

Alexandros Rotsidis

Marcia Saul

Tristan Smith

Sean Soraghan

Joanna Tarko

Catherine Taylor

Matthew Thompson

Fabio Turchet

Asha Ward

Anamaria Weston

E-StopMotion: Reconstructing and Enhancing 3D Animation of Stop Motion Characters by Reverse Engineering Plasticine DeformationThesis 2019

Phil Wilkinson

Steve Willey

Thomas Williams

Katarzyna Wojna

Michelle Wu

Hashim Yaqub

Reducing Head Mounted Display VR Sickness Through Dynamic Field of View ConstrictionThesis 2018

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