Completed CDE Theses

Thesis Title Author

The Gameful Museum: Authenticity and Entertainment in the Digital Age

Daniela De Angeli

Interactive Feedforward in HighIntensity VR Exergaming

Soumya C Barathi

Modern Approaches to Camera Tracking Within the Visual Effects Pipeline

Alistair Barber

Generation of 3D characters from existing cartoons and a unified pipeline for animation and video games.

Simone Barbieri

Image-Based Rendering Of Real Environments For Virtual Reality

Tobias Bertel

Influence of Perspective in Virtual Reality 

Naval Bhandari

Path manipulation strategies for rendering dynamic environments

Andreea Bizdideanu

Generating Engagement With Video Games Through Frustration And Hindrance

Adam Boulton

Recognition of Specific Objects Regardless of Depiction (Redacted Version)

Padraig Boulton

Understanding Hand Interactions and Mid-Air Haptic Responses within Virtual Reality and Beyond

Rory Clark

A Novel Neural Network Architecture with Applications to 3D Animation and Interaction in Virtual Reality

Javier DeHesa

Procedural generation of features for volumetric terrains using a rule-based approach

Rahul (Ray) Dey

Learning models for intelligent photo editing

Era Dorta

Tales of the tribes: animation as a tool for indigenous representation

Tara Douglas

Procedural Reconstruction of Architectural Parametric Models from Airborne and Ground Laser Scans

Kwamina Edum-Fotwe

One Is All, All Is One: Cross-Modal Displays for Inclusive Design and Technology

Tayfun Esenkaya

Compensating for Distance Compression in Virtual Audiovisual Environments

Daniel Finnegan

Computer graphics simulation of organic and inorganic optical and morphological appearance changes

Dhana Frerichs

User-appropriate viewer for high resolution interactive engagement with 3D digital cultural artefacts

David Gillespie

Evoking presence through creative practice on Pepper’s ghost displays

Oliver Gingrich

3D storyboarding for modern animation

Alex Gouvatsos

Physics-based character locomotion control with large simulation time steps

David Greer

Participatory design and free and open source software in the not for profit sector – the Hublink Project

Lisa Haskel

The Companion Experience: A Thesis from the Study of the Evolving Home Television Experience

Charlotte Hoare

Audience engagement and monetisation of creative content in digital environments: a creative SME perspective

Jake Hobbs

Droplets, splashes and sprays: highly detailed liquids in visual effects production

Richard Jones

Compositional Uncertainty in Models of Alignment

Ieva Kazlauskaite

Real-time Rendering of Complex, Heterogeneous Mesostructure on Deformable Surfaces

Charalampos (Babis) Koniaris

Using Bayesian Non-Parametrics to Learn Multivariate Dependency Structures

Andrew Lawrence

Constraint based simulation of soft and rigid bodies

Chris Lewin

Bounded Rationality in Reinforcement Learning

Jan Malte Lichtenberg

Towards Effective Virtual Reality Environments for the Behavioural Assessment ofExecutive Dysfunction

Zack Lyons

Investigating how computational tools can improve the production process of stop-motion animation

Lindsey Macaulay-Lowe

Computational fluid dynamics modelling of dissolved oxygen in oxidation ditches

Tom Matko

Human-Centred Design for Improving VR Training of Clinical Skills

Thomas Joseph Matthews

Affective state recognition in Virtual Reality from electromyography and photoplethysmography using head-mounted wearable sensors.

Ifigeneia Mavridou

Creative Editing and Synthesis of Objects in Photographs Using Generative Adversarial Networks

Youssef Alami Mejjati

Exploiting physiological changes during the flow experience for assessing virtual-reality game design.

Lazaros Michailidis

Efficient Accumulation, Analysis and Visualisation of Full-Waveform LiDAR in a Volumetric Representation with Applications to Forestry

Milto Miltiadou

Computer Vision with Machine Learning on Smartphones for Beauty Applications

Valentin Miu

The development of assistive technology to reveal knowledge of physical world concepts in young people who have profound motor impairments

Mark Moseley

Digital radiography: image acquisition and scattering reduction in x-ray imaging

Elena Marimon Munoz

Multi-Character Motion Retargeting for Large Scale Changes

Maryam Naghizadeh

Neural Rendering and Inverse Rendering Using Physical Inductive Biases

Thu Nguyen Phuoc

Programming Models for Heterogeneous Systems with Application to Computer Graphics

Ralph Potter

Improving Facial Animation using Non-Linear Motion 

Kyle Reed

Personalized data generation and summarization using learned ranking models

Yassir Saquil

Procedural Constraint-based Generation for Game Development

Tristan Smith

A perceptually motivated approach to timbre representation and visualisation

Sean Soraghan

Graphics Insertions into Real Video for Market Research

Joanna Tarko

Deformable Objects for Virtual Environments

Catherine Taylor

Building Abstractable Story Components with Institutions and Tropes

Matthew Thompson

Physics-based modelling, simulation, placement and learning for musculo-skeletal animations

Fabio Turchet

MAMI Tech ToolkitUtilising Action Research to Develop a Technological Toolkit toFacilitate AccesstoMusic-Making

Asha Ward

E-StopMotion: Reconstructing and Enhancing 3D Animation of Stop Motion Characters by Reverse Engineering Plasticine Deformation

Anamaria Weston

Purposing digital media for education: critically exploring values and expectations in applying digital media for children’s learning and development.

Phil Wilkinson

Improving the Pipeline for Stereo Post-Production

Steve Willey

Exploring the Potential of Augmented Reality to Support People Living with Dementia to Complete Tasks at Home

Thomas Williams

Reducing Head Mounted Display VR Sickness Through Dynamic Field of View Constriction

Hashim Yaqub

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