BU Research Cluster CfACTs+

The Centre for Applied Creative Technologies Plus -Transforming Healthcare and its Training with Digital Technologies

Professor Jian Chang, has recently secured funding to support 2 PhDs and 2 Post Doctoral Fellows as part of the Research Capacity Transformation Scheme, Bournemouth University (BU). The research cluster (CfACTs+) will see research collaboration across 3 BU faculties:

Faculty of Media and Communication

Faculty of Health and Social Science

Faculty of Science and Technology

The cluster will carry out multi-disciplinary research to transform the Uk/global healthcare sector and allied training using digital technologies derived from the creative industries sector. The cluster will advance research themes related to: computer animation, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) including holographic displays, artificial intelligence (AI), medical visualisation, and healthcare training; fusing emerging digital technologies to tackle existing acute challenges in healthcare training.

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