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What we do

Universities are thriving, multicultural communities that exists to provide world-class teaching, learning and research. The Centre for Digital Entertainment (CDE) is a unique national centre for excellence that can help you to access the cutting-edge research relevant to your business. We are committed to building new relationships with prospective external partners and enhancing links with current partners.


  • Initiate research and development projects that give your company a competitive advantage
  • Develop capacity and work on those projects you haven’t had time, funds or people to look into before
  • Cultivate an innovation culture that directly transfers to enhanced product development
  • Access a network of like-minded people in the games, animation and VFX industries

What CDE companies say

“The EngD-programme gives Electronic Arts a great opportunity to collaboratively pursue research topics with academia that can bring competitive advantage to our games.

We are very happy to be part of this scheme to develop high calibre candidates for the future of the industry. [The impact the]… guys have had is in bringing energy and a broader interest in research and pulling in ideas from outside the team to impact our work… this is a great motivational benefit for our team.” 

Dr. Mike Bassett, Head of UK Development, Electronic Arts

“We have been delighted with our work as part of the CDE Programme.
…the team at CDE have been realistic and pragmatic in recognising the flexibility we require as a company to make this working relationship a success and thus far it has proved a positive experience for all those involved.” 

Jeff Clifford, R&D Manager, Double Negative Visual Effects

‘…although [The National Trust] is, in origin, a Victorian institution, we have about 4 million members today, so we have a currency and validity. We need to be forward-looking as well. The Trust is well-known for its conservation skills but we also need to engage with and communicate with a worldwide audience and it’s quite clear we need to be able to harness the latest technological advances in order to be able to do that”. 

David Adshead, Head Curator, The National Trust

“Jake [Doctoral student] has already proven a great addition to the Wonky team. He has helped us plan a new online approach to pitching which has helped us win new business with new clients including the British Heart Foundation and CBBC. He has also contributed to the development of our digital strategy for a multi-platform childrens series. The contributions and advice from Jake’s supervisor has been beneficial. His experience of working with broadcasters and insights into the industry, particularly in terms of understanding the audience, has proven useful to us from a business point of view as we develop our strategy for exploiting our existing IP and content”.

Vicky Brophy, Head of Production, Wonky Films

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