The Engineering Doctorate

The Engineering Doctorate (EngD) should be at least equivalent to the intellectual challenge of a PhD, but enhanced by the provision of taught material in both management and technical areas. The training provided should be flexible and should evolve in line with the emerging needs of the individual and the sponsoring companies/sectors.”

(EPSRC DTC Good Practice Guidelines)


The CDE is an Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) Centre for Doctoral Training. We have funding for 100 students and we focus all our resources on training our research students well.

The EngD is a 4 year doctoral programme fully at the same research level as a PhD but with an additional package of training and practical experience included. Students are also called Research Engineers, to reflect this.

The first year is spent at one of the two Universities, Bath or Bournemouth, taking a taught course to prepare you for your research in CDE’s sectors. That year is also used to match you with a partner company. During years 2, 3 and 4 you undertake your research in that company. At all times you remain fully a student, never an employee, safe-guarding your time for research.

You will be supported by a university supervisor for the academic work and by a company supervisor so you get full benefit from being in the company. It is this unique combination which makes the EngD degree special.

For an idea of the kinds of projects we support, see our current projects.

The research you do in the company will be written-up and submitted for your doctoral degree. The academic standard required is identical to that for a PhD. The EngD title is awarded to show you have also met the challenges of the taught year and researching with a company. See What is an EngD? for more information. 

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