Creative Sandpit with the American Museum in Bath

In November 2020 CDE ran our first virtual creative sandpit ‘Innovative digital solutions in museums’, hosted by CDE alumni Daniela Di Angeli from Echo Games. The event was run in partnership with the American Museum in Bath

Thanks to Daniela and our other amazing speakers, Dr Simon Heyhoe from the University of Bath, Kate Hebert from the American Museum and Gardens in Bath and Prof Miriam Langer from New Mexico Highlands University for day 1 presentations on challenges and opportunities in digital museums, the collections at the American Museum in Bath and accessibility in museums.

Day 2 of ‘Innovative Digital Solutions in museums’ saw our Research Engineers present some brilliant ideas back to our panel. Well done to everyone who took part and thanks to Daniela De Angeli and Dr Daniel J. Finnegan of Echo Games for hosting the event.

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