CDE Summer School 2021

This was a great chance to meet after almost two years of being fully online! We really loved having the opportunity to see you all again and, for some of us, meet you for the first time. We would also like to thank those alumni who found the time to join us despite having a busy schedule and full-time jobs. It is really lovely seeing the CDE community holding strong after graduation! 

We kicked off the Summer School with a student-led Pint of Computer Science at the Bath BrewHouse. Thank you for our student organisers Sydney Day and Aaron Demolder for the great job of bringing materials, taking pictures and supporting your fellow students on the night. 

The Bootcamp proper started the morning of the 13th of September at BRSLI. This workshop is designed to be an introduction to coding in Python while also allowing participants to work as a team and develop skills on how to think through and solve problems using programming logic. Special thanks to our wonderful teaching staff: Dr Michael Wright (Senior Lecturer; University of Bath), Jon Macey (Senior Lecturer in Computer Animation; Bournemouth University), Chris Clarke (Lecturer in Human-Computer Interaction; University of Bath) and Djordje Baljozovic (ART-AI research software engineer; University of Bath; online support) who did an amazing job of leading the workshop, and navigating the treacherous waters surrounding hybrid event delivery. 

In the evening we were thrilled to host you all at our very informal dinner at Martini. It was truly wonderful to catch up with you all and thanks again for all of the alumni and staff that made the effort to join us. 

Our event closed with an improv session led by Dr. Natasha Bye, founder of The Strategy Doctor. This activity was developed to use the principles to improve to help participants gain confidence and presentation skills.

Improvisation has a much deeper purpose beyond fun, comedy, and entertainment. Applying the skills learnt in improv can help people become:

  • Excellent listeners
  • Fantastic collaborators
  • Engaging storytellers
  • Great communicators
  • Confident people who thrive in uncertainty
  • Creative thinkers

These are all qualities that can help doctoral students present and engage others in their research now, as well as take with them as they embark on their chosen careers. 


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