Kat Wojna has demo paper accepted at Eurohaptics 2020

18th August 2020

Kat Wojna has demo paper accepted at Eurohaptics 2020

CDEResearch Engineer Kat Wojna has had a demo paper accepted to the Eurohaptics 2020 Conference. The conference is taking place in Leiden from 6th to the 9th September 2020. Kat’s demo is a part of her EngD research into “Natural User Interaction and multimodality”. Kat is working with partner company Ultraleapand academics at University of Bath and her research is supported with funding from EPSRC.

“Mid-air haptic feedback technology produces tactile sensations that are felt without the need for physical interactions, and bridges the gap with digital interactions, by making the virtual feel real. However, existing mid-air haptic experiences often do not reflect user expectations in terms of congruence between visual and haptic stimuli. To overcome this, we investigate how to better present the visual properties of objects, so that what one feels is a more accurate prediction of what one sees. In the following demonstration, we present an approach that allows users to fine-tune the visual appearance of different textured surfaces, and then match the set corresponding mid-air haptic stimuli in order to improve visual-haptic congruence”.

A video of Kat’s demo is available to view here.

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