Events 13th May 2019

13th May 2019

Events 13th May 2019

CHI 2019

Staff and Students from the Centre for Digital Entertainment attended CHI 2019 in Glasgow from 4-9th May 2019. It was great to make the most of CHI taking place in the UK and both academics and students from CDE had papers and a poster accepted, including Javier Dehesa who presented his poster “Towards data-driven sword fighting experiences in VR”.

Research Engineer Thomas Williams has written up his experiences of attending CHI on his blog.


Science Museum Live Science: Featuring Ifigeneia Mavridou

Centre for Digital Entertainment Research Engineer Ifigeneia Mavridou is taking part in ‘Live Science: Can Virtual Reality Reveal a Hidden Skill?” at the Science Museum, London from 7th May to 16th June 2019. She will be conducting research using virtual reality scenarios that will test your skills and uncover hidden soft-skill abilities. Visit the “Who am I” space to check it out.


Centre for Digital Entertainment alumni Daniela De Angeli and Daniel Finnegan received these fabulous copies of the book to accompany the exhibition Krieg.Macht.Sinn from The Ruhr Museum in Germany. Their game Endless Blitz is featured in the exhibition and you can read all about it on page 168!


Centre for Digital Entertainment supervisors Dr Christof Lutteroth and Dr Leon Watts are taking part in Pint of Science Bath 2019. Their talks on “How Human-Computer Interaction Can Transform the Future” take place at Miller and Carter, Bath on 20th May 2019.

More information about all the events can be found at the Pint of Science webpages.


11th Vision Researchers Colloquium

The 11th Vision Researchers Colloquium, led by Bristol Vision Institute, in partnership with the GW4 Alliance will hosted by the University of Exeter on Monday 8 July, and the keynote speaker will be Barbara Webb, Professor of Bioroboticsfrom the University of Edinburgh. She will speak on ‘Visual navigation in insects and robots‘.

It will take place in the Living Systems Institute on the Streatham campus and they are now asking for abstract submissions for researchers wishing to take part in this year’s showcase.

Deadline for submissions is Monday 20 May, 5pm. Detailsabout how to submit your abstract can be found here.

If you wouldsimply like to attend the event, please register for a ticket. Attendance is free but registration viaEventbriteis mandatory.


CVMP will be back again on 17-18 December 2019 at the BFI Southbank. The call for papers is now live. For more details and important dates go to the CVMP 19 webpages.


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