Student-led Research Workshop

08th April 2019

Student-led Research Workshop

On 08th April 2019, several CDE Research Engineers (REs) met up in London for the CDE Student-led Research Workshop. As the name suggests, this event was planned by REs for REs, with an emphasis on sharing the progress of our research projects and exchanging ideas with one another.

Sunday Social

A social event was held the evening before. We enjoyed a meal out, which allowed REs to catch up with others whom they do not often see. The meal was followed by a short CDE-themed ‘pub quiz’, which featured some interesting, if not unexpected, facts about certain members of the ops board.

Research Workshop

The Research Workshop was split into 5-minute presentations in the morning, followed by research discussion round tables in the afternoon, based on overarching themes identified from the morning’s presentations.

There was a healthy mix of styles of presentations, including PowerPoints, show-and-tells, poster presentations, and demos, which kept the morning flowing. REs commented that they learned a lot about what their fellow REs were up to, including some REs realising their research projects had overlapping aspects, which was one of the aims of running the event.

We split into three groups after lunch, and each tackled one of the following research discussions

  • Name three areas that could benefit from VR/AR developments and how
  • Name three under-represented areas in the field of HCI and how these could be addressed
  • Name three challenges in the collection of datasets for machine learning and how these could be improved

There was a tangible buzz in the room as the groups discussed their chosen topic, summarising their thoughts for presentation later.

After a mid-afternoon coffee break, each group presented the outcome of their musings, which we then discussed all together.

Overall, the CDE Student-Led Research Workshop was a great success with some real positive feedback from REs. We look forward to future student-led events (any takers to organise one..?) and more opportunities to work together collaboratively.

Report by Thomas Williams

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