11th October 2018

11th October 2018

11th October 2018

CDE Research Engineer news

CDE Student showcase at BFX 2018

Research Engineers from Centre for Digital Entertainment showcased their EngD research at BFX Festival 2018 in Bournemouth on 5th October 2018. BFX is the UK’s largest visual effects, computer games and animation festival.

Thomas Matthews brought along a fun dance demo, John Hill showed us VR and AR demos from Holovis and Valentin Miu showed his smoke simulation demo ‘Real-time 3D Smoke Simulation with Convolutional Neural Network-based Projection Method’.

Asha Ward gave people the chance to try out her music tech kits and Rory Clark demonstrated the Ultrahaptics – Mid-air haptics using ultrasound, a haptics board.

Visitors on the day had a great opportunity to meet with industry and discuss future careers.


Mark Mosely visits University of Alberta, Canada

CDE Research Engineer Mark Moseley, had the opportunity to travel to Canada and visit the University of Alberta in June as part of his EngD research. Mark’s research focuses on children and young people who have profound motor impairments. While in Canada Mark presented his research to 2 audiences and became part of an active research team at the University of Alberta. You can read his experience of the visit, and the benefits to his research here:

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