Events 17th July 2018

17th July 2018

Events 17th July 2018

6 CDE Research Engineers graduated with their EnGD doctorates last Thursday at a ceremony at the Theatre Royal in Bath. Huge congratulations to Dr Alistair Barber, Dr Daniela De Angeli, Dr Charlotte Hoare, Dr Matthew Thompson, Dr Hashim Yaqub and Dr Ralph Potter. We all wish you the very best of luck for the future.


There has also been Viva success for 2 CDE Research Engineers in the past few weeks. Congratulations to you both.

Andreea Bizdideanu successfully defended her thesis “Path manipulation strategies for rendering dynamic environments”

Supervisory team Dr Ian Stephenson and Dr Oleg Fryazinov from Bournemouth University and Nicolas Dalmasso from Optis World.

Fabio Turchet successfully defended his thesis “Physics-based Modelling, Simulation, Placement and Learning of Musculoskeletal Animations”

Supervisory team Dr Oleg Fryazinov from Bournemouth University and Sara Schvartzman from MPC.


The submissions for the Creative Gaming Award 2018 are open!

For the fourth time, the initiative Creative Gaming presents the Creative Gaming Award during this year’s PLAY – Creative Gaming Festival (November 1-4 2018, Hamburg).

The most creative and innovative games will be honoured in two categories.

From June 15 to July 31, 2018, European indie game developers can submit their games and playful media and thus take their chance to win the coveted award, which is endowed with prize money and an invitation to Hamburg for this year’s PLAY – Creative Gaming Festival.

For more info:


The CVMP 2018 call for papers is now live.

This is a prime venue for researchers to meet with the creative industries and from 2018 is now an ACM SIGGRAPH-sponsored conference.


CDE Research Engineers have had a busy few months.

CDE Research Engineer Marcia Saul attended the BCI conference in USA in May. As part of the conference, she participated in the Brain-Computer Interface Designers Hackathon. Her team won 1st place at the Hackathon, but this was a result of 24 hours of no sleep!

CDE Research engineers Asha Ward and Mark Moseley both took part in the inaugural Assistive Living Technology Symposium at Bournemouth University on 21st May.

Both presented their EngD research during the symposium.

Congratulations to CDE Research Engineer Rahul Dey who has had a journal article in Elsevier’s Entertainment Computing published. The article culled from some of the results of his doctorate research can be found here


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