Events 19th October 2017

19th October 2017

Events 19th October 2017

Introducing Becca Knight (pictured above) – Events Co-ordinator – CDE – University of Bath

We are pleased to welcome Becca Knight to the CDE team as Events Coordinator at the University of Bath. Becca has been working for the University of Bath since 2009. She joins the Centre for Digital Entertainment from

the Department of Biology and Biochemistry where she worked initially as an Admissions Administrator and more recently as the Department Coordinator organising undergraduate events for recruitment and teaching.

CDE Project Board meeting 5th September 2017

The CDE Project Board met on 5th September and was attended by staff, student representatives and Jason Morgan from the EPSRC. Among its decisions, the Board agreed to work on increasing cohort building activities and to hold more events outside of Bath and Bournemouth. We agreed that attendance at some events will be mandatory to ensure high attendance and greater networking. The next event will be held this December in association with CVMP 2017 in London. It was also noted that many industrial supervisors remain unaware that the CDE is able to fund internationalisation activities. Please remember that the CDE can fund overseas visits for students of longer than a month up to a cost of £5,000. If you think this will benefit your research or training, get in touch!

16th International Conference on Computers Helping People with Special Needs

ICCHP 2018 – Publication of Call for Papers

In less than a year from now, ICCHP 2018 will already be over again!
Call for Papers is open until February 1st 2018.

Find out more here.

Get involved in your local Science Café

Students and staff from Bath and Bournemouth can get involved in their local Science cafes. Go along to explore the latest ideas in science and technology. Both are also looking for future speakers to present their research.

Bath Science café takes place 2nd Monday of the month at the Raven Pub in Bath.

Café Scientifique runs on the 1st Tuesday of the month at Café Boscanova in Bournemouth.

Bath Digital Festival is taking place this week until the 22nd of October and has lots of different events running that you may be interested in attending. The CDE is one of the Festival Supporters this year and is involved in a couple of the events.

Daniela De Angeli hosted a ‘GameTale showcase’ for the CDE with guest speaker Dr Adam Chapman from the University of Gothenburg this Tuesday 17th October.

CDE Centre Director Peter Hall will be joining the Round Table discussion ‘Survival of the Fittest’ on Friday 20th October:

You can find details of all the events running across the week and how to book here:

FuturePlay 2017 want your feedback to tell them what you loved, and what could be improved and help them shape the festival in future years. Please complete the audience survey and you might even win tickets to FuturePlay 2018!

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