Looking Back – Fabio Turchet and Joanna Tarko – Eurographics 2017

22nd September 2017

Looking Back – Fabio Turchet and Joanna Tarko – Eurographics 2017

In April of this year Fabio Turchet and Joanna Tarko had the pleasure of attending Eurographics in Lyon, France.

Here Fabio tells us of his experience and Joanna kindly shares some of her photos of the trip.

“Eurographics is one of the best conferences in Europe covering the wide field of computer graphics. From applied geometry techniques of meshing and surface reconstruction to photorealistic rendering techniques, as well as computer animation and simulation of natural phenomena. I was lucky enough to have a paper accepted at this conference.

The conference really was a great experience and I’d like to thank the CDE for giving me this opportunity. The conference building was located next to a really beautiful park so I could walk there from my hotel every morning enjoying half an hour of fresh air and sun. Even though it rained 2 days out of 5, it was great to start the day walking in the nature. Lyon is just beautiful both day and night. It gave me a lot of satisfaction being accepted to present a short paper at the conference and it seems all the hard work paid off.

The feedback was good and I received questions that started interesting discussions after the presentation. The technical papers presented are top quality and the courses/tutorial very useful to keep up to date with latest developments in the field. This year the industry presentations got a lot of attention from academics which is very encouraging and relevant for an EngD student. Being in the French capital of food, I could enjoy some typical delicious dishes and specialties from Lyon. The conference dinner as well offered superb tasty food in a beautiful royal style palace.

I could practice my presentation skills because of this and go out of my comfort zone. Networking with other big names and other PhDs in the field, and attending social activities was great and gave me useful contacts to start research collaborations. I could discuss personally with experts in the field some technicalities about my research and it was great to have different points of view and suggestions that definitely will help in carrying on my research. Attending the tutorials/courses/paper presentations and being able to ask questions directly to the authors was also priceless. I would definitely recommend other CDE students attending this conference in the future.”

If you would like to find out more about Eurographics and the overall experience for Fabio Turchet and Joanna Tarko, please do get in touch.

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