CDE RE Zack Lyons showcases his research at co-LAB

07th April 2017

CDE RE Zack Lyons showcases his research at co-LAB

CDE Research Engineer Zack Lyons will be showcasing part of his research with ‘Z-World: Brain Injury Rehabilitation’. Walk through streets, give instructions and react to the situations you’re presented with. This technology is being used in the rehabilitation of brain injuries, analysing how people behave and predicting problems that they may experience in real life to develop new therapeutic opportunities.
In collaboration with the University of Bath’s Leon Watts and Zack Lyons

This showcase is part of the ‘Dance and Virtual Worlds’ Co-Lab event taking place at The Edge, University of Bath.

The Edge is a creation centre, where art is made and consumed in innovative and exhilarating ways.

Our programmes offer an active environment for people from all walks of life, fostering transformative and personal growth with a focus on educational, sensorial, emotional, intellectual and experiential activities derived from arts-centric approaches to cultural production.

Whether located at our building on campus or elsewhere, programmes are informed by our interface with core stakeholders the University of Bath and its disciplinary context. Twinned with this is our desire to inspire and be inspired by local communities in the region.

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