Elena Marimon Munoz – Poster Success at SPIE Medical Imaging

01st March 2017

Elena Marimon Munoz – Poster Success at SPIE Medical Imaging

CDE Research Engineer Elena Marimon Munoz was lucky enough to attend SPIE Medical Imaging, Orlando, Florida last month. Here she tells us a little about her experience.

SPIE Medical Imaging

I was very pleased to have a paper / poster accepted to this conference. The conference covers areas of medical imaging and image processing, among others. The work presented in this conference covers the latest information of this research field and all the leading universities attended.

My overall experience was very positive. The talks were very interesting and many of them applied directly to my area of study. Moreover, the poster presentation went very well. A lot of people showed interest and the time and the time went so quickly! I also met many interesting people working in my area of research.

The talks were interesting and related to my field. During the poster presentation I got interesting feedback and the networking helped me to meet people I could potentially collaborate with in the future.

The conference is very niche and specifically linked to my area of research, however if you are researching something similar, I would definitely recommend it.

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