BU CEMP Course – A CDE Hit

20th January 2017

BU CEMP Course – A CDE Hit

The Centre for Excellence in Media Practice (CEMP) recently held a short course retreat in London. Two of our CDE Research Engineers attended the course on ‘Corporate Strategy in the Media’, here Declan Russell gives his account of the experience.

Corporate Strategy in Media is a great introduction course lead by Dr John Oliver, to develop skills to identify the strengths and weaknesses of a corporation and create a number of strategies for the company to move forward in various future scenarios. Personally I felt this course to be of benefit to me as it is of the nature of the CDE program for us to not only become familiar with the academic side of research, but also gain an insight to what is important to industry. Understanding why they may make some of the decisions they do.

It begins with addressing how to identify a corporations purpose in a market place and the strategic management techniques available. Following this a number of analysis tools are introduced to identify the macro and micro driving forces behind a corporation such as PESTEL. From this we can isolate the most critical driving forces that effect the business. Once identified we can create scenarios based around the extremes of these forces and how they may effect the business. This allows us to use tools such as ‘SWOT’ analysis to identify where a corporation may be succeeding or failing and the actions that may need to be taken to allow the company to continue to prosper in light of these possible future scenarios.

Dr Oliver delivers an engaging structured program that is open to those with or without a business background with a typical day split between a theory section followed by a workshop on a real world case study, to practice and develop the skills learnt. An abundance of extra literature is also provided so that you can dive as deep into the subject as you see fit.

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