IV International Geant4 School – Serbia

24th November 2016

IV International Geant4 School – Serbia

CDE Research Engineer Elena Marimon Munoz attended the IV International Geant4 School in Serbia – 23rd – 29th October 2016. Here she tells a little of her experience.

“The course was about Geant4, a software toolkit written in C++ used for simulating the tracking and detection of particles in matter, using the Monte Carlo approach. Geant4 has many applications, one of them in medical physics and scattering simulation. The software provides all the tools needed to a complete Monte Carlo simulation of the experimental set-up, including modelling of geometry, detector response, event management and user interface.

The course was a week long and had 55 participants coming from all around the world. It was organised by one of the institutions collaborating in the development and maintenance of the software, the Italian National Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN).”

This is just one of the fantastic experiences our CDE Research Engineers have the opportunity to attend. Check out the CDE Blog for more details on student activities.

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