CDE sponsors ‘GameTale’

16th November 2016

CDE sponsors ‘GameTale’

Back in May 2016: CDE Research Engineer Daniela De Angeli organised a game jam called GameTale (GT). The event lasted three days and was sponsored by the Centre for Digital Entertainment (CDE). During the first two days, designers and developers gathered at the University of Bath to develop video games and board games. The games were inspired by artefacts, such as fossils, antique jewels, urns and musical instruments.

The game jam was followed on the third day by a showcase of the games presented to the public in the exhibition space at the Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution (BRLSI) in Bath. For more information, please visit: “

More about Game Tale.

GameTale is a new two day game-focused event. Similar to a game jam, participants gather to develop a videogame, a board game or a card game. However, the game will be not based on a general theme. Instead, we will offer a series of objects, like pieces of a story. Participants will be required to use at least one of those objects as a base for their game. As the game develops around those specific objects, it will also uncover a narrative.

The Objectsare virtual or physical reproductions of museum artefacts, such as weapons, fossils, statues, pieces of furniture etc. During the event, 3D models as well as 3D printed copies of the objects were provided.

Congratulations to Daniela De Angeli for running a successful event, we look forward to seeing how this concept develops further.

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