Events 30th June 2016

30th June 2016

Events 30th June 2016

CVMP 2016 Call For Papers and Demos


13th European Conference on Visual Media Production (CVMP)

British Film Institute (BFI), London, UK. 12-13 December 2016.

** Full Paper Deadline – 8th July 2016 **

** Short Paper Deadline – 26th August 2016 **

** Demos Deadline – 26th August 2016 **

** Confirmed Keynote Speakers **

Andrew Whitehurst, Double Negative Visual Effects

Michael Black, Max Plank Institute for Intelligent Systems

Iain Matthews, Disney Research

More to be announced soon!


The Association of EngDs has organised for a Singaporean delegation to visit a number of UK centres in July. Their aim is to study the implementation of EngD and gauge the opinions of stakeholders towards the EngD. They would like the opportunity to meet EngD Directors, Centre Managers, students and alumni.

The delegation includes:

1. Prof. T. J. Lim – wireless communications, networks, signal processing, statistical inference, communication theory

2. Prof. C. F. Leung — centrifuge modelling of geotechnical problems, pile foundations, land reclamation and excavation in jointed rocks

3. Prof. Mansoor Abdul Jalil — nanoelectronic, spintronic and graphene devices

4. Prof. Eng San Thian – Biomedical material engineering

We are looking for any students / alumni that would be able to meet the delegation in Southampton on the morning of 20th July. Please email Denise Cook if you are interested and able to attend.


Rosemary Hindley at UoB has advised of an Animation and VFX ‘Meet and Greet’ Group in Bristol which some of you might be interested in. It would be a good opportunity to network with people working in the industry in the local area.Click on the link below for further details.

The next social event is on Thursday 7th July from 7pm in the Pump House ( and you are welcome to attend.


Games for Health UK Conference

Thursday 21st July 2016

at Coventry University

Coventry University’s renowned Serious Games Institute (SGI) is hosting the second Games for Health UKconference on 21st July. The conference will be chaired by Pamela M. Kato, Professor of Serious Games.

The SGI-organised event will feature leading names from the games industry, healthcare and academia. Speakers at the conference include:

Jamie King co-founder of Rockstar Games and owner of Jamie Inc of New York, who will talk about how great commercial games are created and the implications for making great serious games, especially in healthcare

Barbara Sahakian, Professorof Clinical Neuropsychology at the University of Cambridge has developed and researched neuroscience-based games

Howard Rose,CEO ofDeepStream Virtual Reality which is developing a system of drug free pain relieving systems, including SnowWorld, a game which research shows provides distracting pain relief during wound care for burn victims

Ernest Adams, founder of the International Game Developers Association and author of one of the best-selling textbooks on game design

Andy Yeoman, founder of Focus Games which makes digital and non-digital boardgames used by patients and staff inthe NHS

Jakob Rossner,digital designer and developer of a malaria gameat University of Oxford’sNuffield Department of Medicine

Ronald Dyer, Lecturer at the University of Liverpool Management School and holder ofstrategic ICT roles on Wall Street

Richard Brady, owner of, app developer and speciality registrar in general surgery in the NHS

Nathan Nagel, is a serial entrepreneur and has founded six companies. He specialises in serious games, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical software and management consulting.

Lucia Pannese, Owner and CEO of imaginary s.r.l. which has a focus on enabling digital interactive technologies in health

Roberta Memeo, E-learning specialist and project manager at Grifo multimedia, discussing virtual and sensor technologies for adolescents with type 1 diabetes

Kim Bul, specialises in development, research and implementation of e-Health tools and serious gaming within (mental) health care.

Toyah Wordsworth, diagnosed with Friedreich’s Ataxia at age of thirteen, she is motivational Disability Equality Trainer using board games

Devi Kolli, co-founder and CEO at AiSolve, specialising in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality training simulations in healthcare

Salah Mahyaoui, Marketing Director at Sanofi

Registration is now open, so don’t miss out on thisopportunity andregisterherenow or visit

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