A Look Back – Transmission Symposium

10th March 2016

A Look Back – Transmission Symposium

Transmission – 1st Symposium on Brainwave Visualisation and Sonification Art

In February 2015, Bournemouth University proudly hosted the 1st Symposium on Brainwave Visualisation and Sonification Art – Transmission Symposium. The event was orchestrated by CDE Research Engineer Oliver Gingrich in collaboration with his supervisory team Zhidong Xiao and Alain Renaud. Oliver and Alain are both members of the Analema Group, which is a London-based arts collective.

Here, Oliver reflects on the event and also gives some insight into future activities.

The Transmission Symposium pioneered a unique forum for artists and academics in the fields of brainwave research and the Arts. Bringing together top scientists from Cambridge, Goldsmith, and UCL with artists from fields as diverse as performance, digital art and music. Transmission opened new ground for the Media School’s growing pool of media artists. Discussing strategies to create new audiovisual forms via Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCIs), Transmission explored brainwave research for the arts. Bournemouth University’s Media School, a centre for excellence in media production, hosted this 2-day conference to debate synergies, current developments and future objectives on the intersection between art and technology.

Top left to bottom right: Dr Emilie Ballaguer-Ballester, Dr Gustav Kuhn, Dr Mick Grierson, Dr Hannah Critchlow, Prof Nillie Lavie, Luciana Haill, Tony Steffert

Watch the video above of the 1st Transmission Symposium in February 2015.

Following the success of the 1st Transmission, a second symposium took place in April 2015. Bringing together artists and researchers in the field of cognition and digital technologies, This Transmission offered a worldwide unique forum for an emerging network between arts and science. The symposium provided the opportunity to present ongoing projects, exchange ideas and define the cornerstones of future developments.

Check out the video below of the 2nd Transmission Symposium in April 2015.

Although Oliver has been busy writing up his Thesis and preparing for his Viva, he is planning a paper on the Transmission subject to publish the results of the experiment, so look out for more Transmission activity over the coming months.

Oliver Gingrich, the Centre for Digital Entertainment and Bournemouth University, would like to thank all of the guest speakers, and artists who took part in the Art Exhibition and those who attended the symposium. Further information on the guest speakers and artists can be found in the links below.


Emili Ballaguer-Ballester – Computational Neuroscience Lab – BU

Mick Grierson – Goldsmith University

Luciana Haill – Artist in Residence Sussex University

Tony Steffert – Neurofeedback Practitioner

Anna Troisi – Bournemouth University

Dr Hannah Critchlow – University of Cambridge

Professor Nillie Lavie – UCL

Dr Gustav Kuhn – Goldsmiths University

Art Exhibition:

Analema Group

Luciana Hail

Aiste Noreikaite

Anna Troisi


Felix Vinyals

Rain Ashford

Tony Steffert

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