Events 25th February 2016

25th February 2016

Events 25th February 2016


The CDE Annual Conference – ResJam – REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN Everyone will need to register to attend the event. Click on the link below and register today!!!!!

Research Engineer Ticket

Academics Ticket

Please emails Zoe Leonard if you have not received a registration password.

We have some exciting plans for the ResJam and we are looking forward to seeing you all there.


The Children’s Media Conference will take place 5-7th July in Sheffield this year. A number of opportunities are available for CDE Research Engineers at this conference.

Changemakers – These are short presentations which should be provocative, fun and challenge current ways of thinking. The conference theme is ‘Making it Happen’ – diversity, inclusion and representation.

Take part in a CDE panel at the conference, discussing the work the CDE and its students are doing and its impact upon media/entertainment.

Media Lab exhibition ‘Playground’ – the opportunity to demonstrate projects you are currently working on.

Call for papers – outstanding and insightful research around children’s media consumption.

For more details on any of these opportunities please contact Jake Hobbs.



The 43rd International Conference and Exhibition on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques, will take place in Anaheim, California USA – 24th – 28th July.

SIGGRAPH is the world’s largest, most influential annual event in computer graphics and interactive techniques: Five days of research, results, demos, educational sessions, art, screenings, and hands-on interactivity featuring the community’s latest technical achievements, and three days of commercial exhibits displaying the industry’s current hardware, software and services.

If you are interested in attending SIGGRAPH please email Zoe Leonard to express your interest and advise of an any co-located events you plan to attend.


DigiPro2016 –promotes the sharing of ideas, insights and techniques for the production of top quality digital visual effects and animation. DigiPro brings together scientists, engineers, artists and producers in a tight-knit environment, working to close the gap between research results and industry needs.

DigiPro will take place on 23rd July 2016 in Anaheim, California USA. Directly before SIGGRAPH. The call for participation is now open and the submission deadline is Friday 29th April 2016.


The Digital Catapult Centre in London is currently advertising for paid Summer Internships at various levels. Click here for more information.


Café Sci – Bournemouth University – runs every first Tuesday of the Month at Café Boscanova in Boscombe. They are currently looking for BU Academics, Researchers, PGR Students to present a Lightning Talk on their Research as part of Café Scientifique on Tuesday 5th April. If you are interested in this slot or presenting as part of the Café Scientifique later in the year, please contact Rhyannan Hurst in RKEO on 01202 961511.


WE thought you might find this an interesting read (if you have not already seen it) Tech Nation 2016. We have highlighted the Bournemouth and Poole section, but you can access the full report through the link. Click here to find out more.


Following on from the two previous successes of the International Workshop on Movement and Computing (MOCO’14) at IRCAM (Paris, France) in 2014, as well as MOCO’15 at Simon Fraser University (Vancouver, Canada) in 2015, we are pleased to announce MOCO’16, which will be hosted in Thessaloniki, Greece. MOCO’16 will be organized by MINES ParisTech, (France) in co-operation with the Paris 8 University (France), the University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki (Greece) and Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece).

The vision of MOCO’16 is to bring together academics, researchers, engineers, designers, technologists, technocrats, creative artists, anthropologists, museologists, ergonomists and other practitioners interested in the phenomenon of the symbiosis between the human and the creative process, e.g. dancer-digital medias, musician-instrument, craftsman-object etc. This symbiosis takes the form of an interactional and gravitational relationship, where the human element is both a trigger and a transmitter, connecting perception (mind/environment interaction and cognition), knowledge (theoretical understanding of a process) and gesture (semantic motor skills). MOCO’16 invites researchers that have experiences of capturing the combined key elements of perception, knowledge and gesture/movement. MOCO’16 will be of interest to artists who work on the elucidation of the intersection between art, meaning cognition and technology by unlocking the hidden components in human creativity. The workshop also provides a forum for industrial partners, for whom the movement and gestures of the workers/operators consist of key elements in terms of ergonomics and health, to see and present state-of-the-art technologies.


The 9th Annual International Conference on Computer Games Multimedia & Allied Technologies (CCAT 2016) will take place in Singapore 28th – 29th March 2016. More information on this conference can be found here.


We are interested in hearing more about any company events connected to projects you have had some involvement with. If you know of any events or activities coming up, that the CDE team should be aware of please email [email protected]. We are hoping to build on our success stories so please keep us informed.

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