Events 16th December 2015

16th December 2015

Events 16th December 2015

The CDE Annual Conference 2016 dates and venue have been confirmed. The event will take place at the fabulous Italian Villa, Compton Acres, 164 Canford Cliffs road, Poole, Dorset, BH13 7ES.

Confirmed dates

Wednesday 20th April and Thursday 21st April 2016

Be prepared for a new take on this annual gathering of students, supervisors and industry members, something to get those technical minds ticking and creative juices flowing.

More details coming soon!


Congratulations to CDE Research Engineer Daniel Finnegan, who has had a full paper accepted to CHI 2016. You can see the abstract of the paper below. CHI 2016 will take place in San Jose, CA, USA 7 – 12th May.


A key requirement for a sense of presence in Virtual Reality (VR) is for a user to perceive space as naturally as possible.

One critical aspect is distance perception.

When judging distances, compression is a phenomenon where humans tend to underestimate the distance between themselves and target objects (termed egocentric or absolute compression), and between other objects (exocentric or relative compression).

Results of studies in virtual worlds rendered through head-mounted displays are striking, demonstrating significant distance compression error.

Distance compression is a multisensory phenomenon, where both audio and visual stimuli are often compressed with respect to their distances from the observer.

In this paper, we propose and test a systematic correction for combined audio-visual distance compression in VR.

We report an empirical evaluation of our correction mechanism via a study of 3D spatial perception within a VR head-mounted display.

Our method resulted in more accurate distance perception in a virtual environment (VE) at longer ranges and suggested a modification that could adaptively correct at both shorter and longer ranges.

Our results have a significant and counter-intuitive implication for designers of VEs: an incongruent audio-visual display, i.e. where the audio and visual information is intentionally misaligned, can lead to better spatial perception of a virtual scene.


Congratulations go to CDE Research Engineer Daniela de Angeli and Professor Eamonn O’Neill. Working together with Anna Bull and Nina Parish from the University of Bath, the team have received news of a successful EU bid. Their main activity will be developing and evaluating an interactive museum exhibition in the Ruhr Museum, Germany. With Daniela as a named researcher on this bid, this is an excellent achievement and we look forward to hearing more about the project and its development over the coming months.


The Festival of Learning will take place at Bournemouth University in 2016. It will be the festival’s fourth year, running from Saturday 25th – Wednesday 29th June. More details can be found here along with a video from this year to give you some inspiration. You can also take a look at the Team CDE activities from 2015 on the CDE website. Those of you that are interested in putting a team together need to email your event idea and team members to Zoe Leonard by Thursday 14th January. The deadline for application is 31st January.


The 10th International Conference on E-Learning and Games (Edutainment 2016) will take place in Hangzhou, China 15 – 17th April 2016.

The Edutainment Conference series started in 2006, and has become a major international event which combines education and entertainment. The event covers not only the research issues of game-based learning but also the issues of learning experiences which may be gained from entertainment.

Paper submission deadline 10th January 2016


Following a successful CDE Master Class on Literature Reviews, Richard Southern has kindly shared the link to a web article he has prepared on ‘The Rebuttal: Writing a robust defence of a journal submission‘, take a look.


This will be the last CDE Blog until the new year. The CDE office will close at 5 pm on Wednesday 23rd December and will open on Monday 4th January 2016. For now, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and hope that 2016 will be a successful one for you all.


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