Team CDE at Festival of Learning

12th August 2015

Team CDE at Festival of Learning

Team CDE took part in the Festival of Learning this year, held at Bournemouth University from 11th – 17th July 2015. The team were on a mission- to share knowledge and inspire the audience.

Research Engineers, Mark Moseley, Asha Blatherwick, Phil Wilkinson and Oliver Gingrich, presented ‘Ability NOT Disability; Playful, Adaptive and Rehabilitative Technologies’, to over 60 members of the public, local councils, charities and those working in SENS, during the festival.

Visitors had the opportunity to explore the emerging field of assistive technology and gain a hands-on understanding of how digital entertainment can support rehabilitation and special educational needs. This pioneering technology and research can break down barriers to participation and improve the quality of life for those with conditions that limit their abilities.

Mark Moseley’s research combining eye tracking and robotic arms can allow children with severe mobility difficulties the ability to control objects in the real world. Mark also demonstrated how the technology behind a computer game, could help a child with limited mobility complete a daily task like looking through photos, something many of us take for granted.

Asha Blatherwick is researching the creation of new musical instruments to help children with physical and sensory impairments, make music and express themselves. Festival visitors were able to experience the ‘Sense Egg’, along with Asha’s newest musical interface the ‘Sense Box’, highlighting the many different ways to make music and make the creation of music accessible.

Phil Wilkinson is developing Digital Literacy in Schools and the Community. Based in the Isle of Portland Aldridge Community Academy (IPACA), Phil works with students to help them design games to raise awareness of social issues. Games can also help young people understand their complex medical treatment or help children with educational needs better communicate with their families. Phil demonstrated the Oculus Rift, taking a trip into space or riding a roller coaster, showing how people can be transported and make almost any experience a reality through the use of gaming technology. Phil also had a number of serious games apps available and apps to assist with educational needs which is linked to his work in the Samsung Digital Classroom.

Oliver Gingrich and Analema Group have created KIMA. KIMA is a real-time visualization tool that allows the user’s emotional state and movement to control the sonic and visual patterns. The KIMA display highlights how the project interprets music as an interplay of light. The project enables collaborative participation in the process of music making and listening, investigating visual properties of sound.

This project is unique in creating an experience for both musicians and the audience alike to feel and see music, to learn about its inner relationship through visual geometric patterns. It is a fantastic way to interact with music and art. Oliver’s Transmission Project can transform brainwaves into an artistic form, opening a world of opportunity for those with limited mobility.

Team CDE also had some fun commercial tech available to play with. The audience could create 3D artwork with the ‘3Doodler‘, or turn everyday objects into a keyboard with the use of the ‘Makey Makey‘. Check out the video below of Zoe Leonard, Research Events Co-ordinator, playing the bananas!!!

Many of the visitors to the CDE Festival of Learning event commented on the interactive session and loved the fact that they were able to gain hands-on experience of the research projects and technologies our students are investigating.

We would like to congratulate all of the students who took part, for putting together a truly unique event which has in turn helped to increase the profile of the Centre for Digital Entertainment and the amazing work you are all doing.

If any Bournemouth Registered students are interested in taking part in the Festival of Learning next year, please email Zoe Leonard with details of the event you have in mind.

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