Milto’s paper success

29th May 2015

Milto’s paper success

Milto is in her third year of the EngD and recentlypresented a paper (Alignment ofhyperspectral Imagery and full-waveform LiDAR data for visualisationand classification purposes)at the 36th International Symposium ofRemote Sensing of the Environment (36th ISRSE).

The ISRSE conference is organised by the International Society ofPhotogrammetry and Remote Sensing and researchers from all over theworld present their cutting edge research and experienceson earth observation programs and applications.

Milto’sresearch focusses on enhancingvisualisations andclassifications of airborne remote sensing data for remote forestsurveys. In her paper, shepresented hernew open source tool, DASOS. This tool aligns the hyperspectral images with the full-waveform LiDAR dataand creates 3D coloured representations of thescanned area and alignment metrics. Those metrics are usedto create tree coverage maps with substantially improved accuracy.

Congratulations Milto!

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