Babis passes EngD viva

25th March 2015

Babis passes EngD viva

Babis Koniaris has passed his viva with minor corrections within the Centre for Digital Entertainment as a Doctor of Engineering.

Babis’s partner company is Disney Research in Edinburgh. His supervisors are Kenny Mitchell, Head of UK R&D at Disney, and Darren Cosker of University of Bath.

He is continuing to work for Disney.

Congratulations Babis!

Babis’s work focussed on texture mapping. This is a standard technique in computer graphics that is commonly used to map complex surface detail -in the form of images- to 3D models so that the latter appear more visually complex than they really are. A drawback is that when models animate, parts of them stretch or compress, and at those parts the mapped surface detail behaves like rubber due to distortion in the mapping introduced by the deformation. In his project, Babis developed methods to control this behaviour so that he could represent surface detail with heterogeneous elasticity characteristics that properly correspond to the portrayed materials.

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