CDE Events December 2020

Becca Knight, 17 Dec 2020

CDE Events December 2020

Hi Everyone

Here we are at the end of 2020, a year which has thrown up more than its fair share of challenges.  All of us at CDE just want to thank all of our students, staff and industry partners for all your support and amazing efforts this year.

We hope you have a happy and safe break and look forward to seeing you all in 2021!

Keep reading to find out what we have been up to in November and December.

Best Wishes

CDE Team 

CDE networking showcase at CVMP 2020

CDE were very proud to sponsor the 17th ACM SIGGRAPH European Conference on Media Production (CVMP 2020) at the start of December.

CVMP brings together production and post-production specialists from the worlds of film, broadcast and games with imaging and graphics researchers; it brings together expertise in video processing, computer vision, computer graphics, animation and physical simulation.

As part of the conference CDE hosted a networking showcase event of our Research Engineer's projects for CDE staff, students, CVMP attendees and invited industry partners.  The event was run in Gather.Town and it was brilliant to see the vast array of exciting research being carried out by our researchers with their partner companies.

A huge thank you to Alexz Farrell and Phil Lorimer for creating our 'virtual event space' and too all our Research Engineers for producing some amazing posters and demos.



Creative Sandpit with the American Museum in Bath

Back in November CDE ran our first virtual creative sandpit 'Innovative digital solutions in museums', hosted by CDE alumni Daniela Di Angeli from Echo Games.   The event was run in partnership with the American Museum in Bath.  Thanks to Daniela and our other amazing speakers, Dr Simon Heyhoe from University of Bath, Kate Hebert from the American Museum and Gardens in Bath and Prof Miriam Langer from New Mexico Highlands University for day 1 presentations on challenges and opportunities in digital museums, the collections at the American Museum in Bath and accessibility in museums.   

Day 2 of 'Innovative digital solutions in museums' saw our Research Engineers present some brilliant ideas back to our panel. Well done to everyone who took part and thanks to Daniela De Angeli and Dr Daniel J. Finnegan of Echo Games for hosting the event. 

Viva Success and Graduations

We have had a wave of Viva and graduation success recently.  Congratulations to Joanna Tarko, Ieva Kaslauskaite and Soumya Barathi who all graduated on 2nd December.  Sadly due to COVID the celebrations were virtual but we are no less proud!

Since our last newsletter Zack Lyons, Naval Bhandari, Simone Barbieri, Adam Boulton and Asha ward have all successfully defended their thesis to pass their Vivas.  Huge congratulations to them all and we have our fingers crossed we will see you in cap and gowns at your graduation ceremonies next year.



Omniphotos: 360° VR photography presented at SIGGRAPH Asia

CDE supervisor Christian Richardt, Fire fellow Tobias Bertel and their team at CAMERA Bath, have created a new type of 360° VR photography accessible to amateur photographers called Omniphotos.  The system uses a commercially available 360°camera on a rotating selfie stick to capture video footage and create an immersive VR experience.   Christian and his team presented the new system at the international SIGGRAPH Asia conference on Sunday 13th December 2020.

He said: “Until now, VR photography that uses realistic motion parallax has been the preserve of professional VR photographers, using expensive equipment and requiring complex software and computing power to process the images. OmniPhotos simplifies this process so that you can use it with a commercially available 360° camera that only costs a few hundred pounds. This opens up VR photography to a whole new set of applications, from estate agent’s virtual tours of houses to immersive VR journeys at remote tourist destinations. With the pandemic stopping many people from traveling on holiday this year, this is a way of virtually visiting places that are currently inaccessible.”


Find out more about Omniphotos here.  You can also check out the publication from SIGGRAPH Asia here.




Catherine Taylor at BEYOND Conference

CDE Research Engineer Catherine Taylor presented her EngD research with partner company Marshmallow Laser Feast at BEYOND Conference 2020 which took place virtually from 30th November to 3rd December 2020.

BEYOND is an annual gathering of current and future innovators focused on Research and Development across the creative industries.

Catherine's paper was titled "Deforming Reality: exploring the boundary between physical and virtual using deep learning ".  You can find out more about Catherine's research here.

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